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One of the missions of the Historical Society of New Mexico is to enhance communication of New Mexico’s history. The Society has sponsored several endeavors using the print medium.

Scholarly Journal

One of the foundations of the Society is to foster the publication of well-researched information on New Mexico history. The Society’s first bulletin was Old Santa Fe, begun in 1913 under the leadership of Ralph Twitchell. In 1926, Lansing Bloom and Paul A. F. Walter of HSNM founded the New Mexico Historical Review, a journal dedicated to history of New Mexico, the borderlands of Mexico, and the Southwest of the United States. In 1963, the Society turned over publication of the journal to the University of New Mexico. Published four times per year, the journal contains scholarly articles, book reviews and news of conferences and meetings on history related to New Mexico. Members of the Society received a reduced rate for the Review.

La Crónica de Nuevo Mexico

Another benefit of membership is a subscription to La Crónica de Nuevo Mexico. Printed on high quality paper, using a newspaper format, La Crónica presents timely articles, news and superb book reviews.   Past issues are indexed by author and article, see Index.

Issues of La Cronica are now available online.  They can be viewed by clicking HERE.  Currently the publication can only be searched manually by clicking on the Index link below.  These materials will soon be available in a searchable format.

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