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The Historical Society is pleased to provide speakers on a variety of subjects, connected with New Mexico’s rich and long history. We have experts on many aspects of New Mexico, from the Spanish colonial era, Pueblo life, Territorial times and through to the creation of the Trinity site.

Available Speakers

Completion Form for Host Organization

Become a Speaker

Organizational members of the Historical Society of New Mexico (HSNM) may take advantage of the Speakers Bureau. If your organization is not currently a member of the HSNM, goto Join HSNM! and send in an application with $50.00.

Steps required to obtain a speaker:

The list below contains the names, contact information and topics of the available speakers. If your group is a current organizational member of HSNM, simply contact the desired speaker directly and make all arrangements with that individual. Please be sure to discuss the speaker’s audiovisual needs. After the speaker completes the presentation, fill out a copy of the Completion Form and mail it to HSNM. The Historical Society will pay an honorarium of $125 to the speaker. All speakers have agreed in advance to accept this honorarium as sole remuneration. However, the organization may provide meals or other assistance, as it wishes.

Organizational members are allowed up to two speakers per year. Please recognize HSNM’s support in your publicity and during the program.  For more information, contact Janet Saiers.

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